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Plan your trip to Alibaug – Get the list of top Tourist Places in Alibaug Maharashtra. Find information on all the top sightseeing, attractions, Things to do in the Alibaug |

Khanderi Lighthouse

“Built by British in 1867 and soon be opened to pubic as another tourism attraction (By Mumbai Port Trust Permissions), Kanhoji Angre Lighthouse on island called ‘Khanderi’, a latest tourist spot was to be opened to public lately in 2013 / 2014 and hope by 2018 after all permissions acquired open and available to explore, is the only sea side coastal lighthouse attraction near South Mumbai. After Elephanta Caves, Yet another reason to explore and enjoy the ferry ride and speedboat inside vast blue sea which covers our city from all 3 sides..” Kanhoji Angre is one of the oldest …

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Khanderi Fort

Khanderi and Underi are the forts built on two Islands near Thal, very near to Alibaug. The forts still stand proud in the Arabian Sea as they stood against the British and the Siddi in 17th century, and their walls are still intact. We can see the iron canons with cart wheels on Khanderi, which are rarely found in Maharashtra. Shivaji Maharaj selected the island of Khanderi to fortify it to keep a check on the British trade route to Mumbai and northward ports. He tried building the fort in 1672, but the British were sceptical and tried to siege …

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Sagargad Fort

As usual without any planning and all guns blazing we visited Sagargad fort. You can start from Khandale Village which is 4 km before Alibag easy to spot the sign board your are at Khandale Village. Take left or ask for direction till Dhondane Waterfall the path is well marked with steps leading you till Siddheshwar Ashram. You can enjoy the waterfall and visit the Ashram for quick refill of water. Till here our trek was on Schedule and Monsoon was on our side rains and cool breeze.The place is thickly forested which was surprising and visibility is limited to …

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Revdanda Fort

Revdanda fort was a beach facing fort built in 1558 by a Portuguese captain Soj to watch over their trading interests. It is located in lower Chaul, which one comes across on the Alibaug-Murud road (17kms away from Alibaug). During the Portuguese times it was called Santa Maria de Castelo, but the locals called it Revdanda after Revati the spouse of the Yadava king Balrama. The Portuguese stoically defended this fort against many invasions namely in 1570-71 and in 1594. It was captured by the marathas (by the Angres, during the time of Nanasaheb Peshwe) in 1740 ( earlier attempt …

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Kolaba Fort

Kolaba Fort The Kolaba or Kulaba Fort (or the Alibag Fort) is an old military fortification in India, now turned into a popular tourist destination and a protected monument. Constructed by Shivaji, the Fort was chosen by him to be one of his chief naval stations. Kolaba Fort is a sea fort built by Shivaji Maharaj in 1652 in the Alibag Beach of the Arabian Sea. The fort has a height of 25 feet and is at a distance of only 2 kma from the Alibag Beach shore. The most interesting feature of the Fort is that despite being a …

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