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Alibaug Beach

Alibaug Beach Alibaug Beach is the main beach of the town. Beautiful Sea, a Fort that gets surrounded by sea water, a few temples and a lot of fun. Alibag (Alibaug) is the ideal place for a one day return trip.There are some stunning beaches here along with forts and temples! The Kolaba/Kulaba fort lies 2 kms inside the sea. Kulaba fort gets surrounded by sea water at the time of tide. There are the Uma Maheshwar and Balaji temples in Alibaug too. Alibaug was developed in 17th Century by Sarkhel Kanhoji Aangre the naval chief of King Shivaji’s Kingdom. …

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Nagaon Beach

Nagaon Beach Nagaon Beach – Nagaon is a small hamlet set close to Alibaug with a beautiful beach. The beach at Nagaon is predominantly a sandy beach unlike most other beaches here in Alibaug. Nagaon is a vast expanse of flat beach with soft fine mixture of white and black sand. Nagaon is a safe beach for a dip in the water and one can walk a long distance into the sea. The afforested area around the Nagaon beach is very romantic and would remind one of the Keri beach near Terekhol in Goa. With beautiful white sand beach Nagaon …

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Mandwa Beach

Mandwa Beach Mandwa Beach is so beautiful, untrodden beach. On a clear day one can enjoy a long, breathtaking view across the bay, up to the Gateway of India. Mandwa village too, has a charm of its own with its beautiful groves of coconut palms. There is regular ferry service between the Gateway of India and Mandwa Jetty. For Kihim, one can take an auto-rickshaw or bus further onwards. Instead of a day’s picnic, one should visit threes beaches for three or four days to really enjoy and experience its beauty.  Mandwa Beach is located 20 km north of Alibaug …

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Varsoli Beach

Varsoli Beach Varsoli Beach is situated on the outskirts of Alibaug and as such is one beach destination that is not secluded but still offers the tranquility and silence that one expects in a beach. The characteristic of this beach are similar to other beaches in the Alibaug that is the white sanded granules on the beach that shown while the rays of the sun fall on the beach and the clear waters. The beach has few visitors but is a perfect place for tourists and weekenders wishing to spend a day in the bosom of nature and in quietude. …

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Sasawane Beach

Sasawane Beach Sasawane Beach is a beautiful unexplored beach.It has the famous Karmarkar studio which is a Tourist attraction.Sasawane village too, has a charm of its own with its beautiful groves of coconut palm.A good place to visit near Mumbai. The 2 villages are located 18 Kms north of Alibag. Sasawane is famous for the Karmarkar sculpture museum which is worth seeing. From Awas Sasawane beach, Mumbai skyline can be seen during day & at night Mumbai skyline looks like illuminated with lights. The Nagoba Mandir at Awas is worth visiting. Share

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Revdanda Beach

Revdanda Beach Revdanda Beach is a very isolated beach in this region. The sand is black in colour, which gives it a unique look. The beach is integral part of people in Revdanda, its one of the places where people come to relax after days heavy work. As Revdanda lies in coastal region fish curry and rice forms an important part of diet of the people of this region. Revdanda is a village near Alibag, India. It is 17 km away from Alibag and 125 km away from Mumbai. Datta Mandir is located in the chaul part of Revdanda. It …

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