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Sightseeing Tour in Alibagh :

The sightseeing tour in Alibagh offers you to visit a historic fort, the Kolaba Fort, just off the main seashore. Make sure you go there and come back during the low tide when the waters have receded. If you do get marooned, there is a small village within the fort where you can potter around. Built in 1680 by Shivaji, the fort is now crumbling - all that remains are the ramparts and a moss-encrusted step well. But it's still a great place to clamber around, look out at the sea and take pictures of the shoreline. From the main beach it will take about half an hour to walk to Kolaba fort, but a tonga can get you there quickly for Rs 30-40.

Looking for more places to see in Alibag? Visit the white marbled Shri Vikram Vinayak Temple built by the Birlas. The temple located across the Revdanda Bridge and perched atop a small hillock is visible from a distance with its shining white granite dome dominating the skyline. The temple complex is made up of well manicured gardens and gurgling fountains and provides a serene atmosphere. The prayer halls are unique in the sense they are open to the skies covered by a transparent poly sheet. The aarti and the puja is held everyday and can be attended at either 9:00 am and/or 7:15 pm. General entry into the temple premises is open from 6:00 am to 11:30 am and 4:30 pm to 9:00 pm each day, all year through.

Festivals in Alibag :

The small coastal town of Alibag presents the rich culture and tradition of the place through the festivals. Pola and Nag Panchami are the two major festivals in Alibag. Both the festivals are celebrated in August.

Pola is the rural festival of Alibag. This festival is celebrated in the first week of August. It is a bull-worshipping festival. On this day, farmers worship and decorate their bulls and start ploughing and sowing the fields the very next day after the celebration. Puran Poli is the traditional dish prepared on this day.

On the second week on August, Nag Panchami, the religious festival of Alibag is celebrated. Devotees offer milk and honey to the Snake God, Shesh Nag and seek the blessings of the God. As per the tradition, young married ladies visit their parents to celebrate the festival of Nag Panchami.

Water sports in alibaug :

Almost all the popular beaches have water sports facilities in alibaug. Jet skii rides and other popular water rides like banana rides and bumper rides is available in alibaug. Murud Harnai in a way is the hub of all water sports activities in alibaug. Palande just ahead of Harnai on the way to Anjarle is also very popular for water sports. Parasailing is also organized at most of the beaches in the evening especially on weekends and holidays.

S.C.U.B.A Diving in Alibaug :

S.C.U.B.A Diving is now available in Alibaug near Murud Janjira. P.A.D.I. trained divers conduct courses for those who want to take up the sport. Joy rides are also possible here for a introductory experience of the exciting under water world.

Nagaon - The Hub of Water Sports :

Nagaon is the hub of water sports in Alibaug with the highest number of water sports operators functioning at the beach. They also offer parasailing in the sea.